"Buat sajalah, tunggu apa lagi, hidup hanya sekali.."

Hi there, yesterday i take offday, so I use this opportunity to find new tool for drawing. I bought a  brush pen and blue pencil leadYou must know the use of this drawing tool. It's hard looking for these items, after a research on the internet I finally found where to find it. thanks to Dunia Feeqry blog.

I bought all this equipment in Popular, Jusco Cheras Selatan at Kajang. You should ask shop assistant if you want to buy this tool.

Blue pencil lead is slightly higher prices but to produce good artwork, we have to invest right.

0.7 Blue Lead Pilot RM 3.50

 0.7 Pilot Mechanical Pencil RM 5.90

Meanwhile, brush pens are an alternative to the use of brush.

Brush Pen RM 7.00
 And this is the result that i drawing from this tool. Awesome...



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